Ocean Patriot Semi-Submersible Rig

Ocean Patriot Semi-Submersible Rig

1: Bulk Tank Control Panel Design

Control Panel Design and Manufacture for Ocean Patriot Semi-Submersible

Bulk Tank Control Panel Design

Monitor Systems were asked by Diamond Offshore Drilling to carry out a bulk tank system survey onboard the Ocean Patriot Semi-Submersible Rig, followed by the replacement of the cement and mud bulk tank control panels and associated sensors, actuators etc.

The Ocean Patriot Semi-Submersible has six columns in total with three bulk tanks located in the intermediate port column (PC2) and three bulk tanks in the starboard intermediate column (SC2). Cement tanks are located on the port side and mud tanks are located on the starboard side. Each of the six tanks has four valves, a level sensor and a pressure sensor.

Diamond Offshore Drilling requested that the new cement and mud control panels were based around conventional selector switches and LED indicators along with digital panel meters for simple and efficient operation.

design and manufacture

Panels: The new hardware, breakers, interface equipment and field terminals were supplied fitted in the control panel enclosures.

Independent Control Systems: There are two independent systems for control of the bulk tanks, a cement control panel and a mud control panel.

Combining both control units into one master control unit was not a ‘project design’ option, the cement and mud control panels remained independent from each other at the request of the Rig Operator.

cement tanks mud tanks

Cement System: This comprises 3 identical bulk tanks located in the port intermediate column (PC2). The tanks are laid out side by side, with all valves located on the same level at the tank tops with the level / pressure sensors.

Mud System: This is a copy of the cement system, the tank layout is a mirror image of the cement tank setup. The system comprises 3 identical bulk tanks located in the starboard intermediate column (SC2).


2: Crown Block Monitoring System

Crown Block Monitoring System

Monitor Systems were asked by Diamond Offshore Drilling to design, build and install a crown block proximity monitoring / alarm system with drillers alarm panel on board the Ocean Patriot Semi-submersible rig berthed in Hartlepool, North East England.

The crown block (the top stationary section of the block and tackle rig derrick) that contains a set of pulleys through which the drill line (wire rope) is threaded, requires constant monitoring so that the length of ‘vertical operating travel’ whilst drilling is safely controlled.

Monitor Systems built a monitoring and alarm system allowing the operator to see any unsafe levels of vertical movement of the travelling block. An indication panel was designed, manufactured and installed in the drillers cabin for clear observation and control.

Sensors were mounted in three locations on the rig derrick, 5ft, 10ft and 20ft from the crown block. The system was built with an audible and visual alarm, showing red, amber and yellow lights respectively.

Due to the hazardous area in which the monitoring system would function, it was a prerequisite that the system design and manufacture was compliant with Zone 2 legislation.

Darren Anderson, Technical Manager at Monitor Systems commented, ... “Repair, upgrade and bespoke design of instrumentation and monitoring systems is our core strength and we are delighted to work again on systems for the Ocean Patriot. We have recently completed on a talk back digital intercom system, enabling the Ocean Patriot to retain a high level of open channel communications.”


3: Talk Back System and Commissioning

Talk Back System and Commissioning

Monitor Systems was approached by Diamond Offshore to provide a rig talk/back system for the Ocean Patriot Semi-Submersible stationed in the North Sea.

To protect offshore staff, effective communication systems are vital. Oil and gas rig operators need to know that communications between rig personnel are reliable through failsafe design and built to withstand unforgiving extremes of temperature, moisture, contamination, sunshine, wind, dust and salt etc.

All products used for the talk/back system comply with the most stringent safety specifications and are approved and certified by leading international regulatory bodies including Atex. System products are designed for harsh environment and ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas.

The talk/back system or (Digital Intercom System) will provide reliable, simple two way voice communications between rig personnel, doghouse, drill floor etc. Comprised of a central controller or intercom server and various outstations, the system’s digital architecture is used to link the stations with the intercom server. The entire system is designed to facilitate control from the driller’s position, to this end all stations are hands-free including the driller’s station.

The intercom system and accessories interfaces with a variety of third-party equipment, including fire and gas detection systems, auxiliary security systems and signals, PA/GA systems, two-way radios and telephone PBX.

The system was housed in a CE compliant stainless steel cabinet, wall mounted (type 1 enclosure) and built to accommodate 8 field intercom stations providing addressable intercom, public address, general alarm, PA paging and telecommunication capabilities. The central exchange has full fault finding diagnostics.

The new talk/back system will enable the Ocean Patriot to retain a high level of open channel communications.


4: Inspection / Testing of new Generator Control Panelsingapore monitor systems

Monitor Systems S.E. Asia Pte Ltd was delighted to receive a work order for the inspection and testing of a new Generator Control Panel from Diamond Offshore. Jamal commented .... “the service contract was for the Ocean Patriot Semi-submersible and covered preliminary tests and visual inspections of the newly completed Generator Control panel, replacing the old generator panels on the rig.”

The main objectives of the Inspection and testing project was to verify the bill of materials, to verify proper functioning of the equipment/system before installation, and to verify the working performance of the equipment and system in accordance with the design documents and standards.

Project Management was undertaken at our Singapore offices with the physical work being undertaken at a staging area in Singapore.



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