Crane Safe Load Monitoring

Crane Safe Load Monitoring

Monitor Systems, in association with Markload Systems offers the new, highly accurate and reliable DX safe load indicating system for all types of cranes. Markload is a leading manufacturer in its field boasting over 30 years industry experience and thousands of systems sales worldwide.

Safe Load Indicators

Featuring the latest developments in microprocessor and digital technology, the Markload DX provides a state of the art system incorporating a Safe Load Indicator (SLI), Load Moment Indicator (LMI) and a Rate Capacity Indicator (RCI). The DX’s rugged design makes it extremely suitable for harsh working environments as well as less demanding situations. It is both simple to set up and use and offers a wide range of configuration options to meet the requirements of virtually all types of cranes. The new Markload DX uses Markload Smart Sensor Technology.

Safe Load Indicator (SLI) / Load Moment Indicator (LMI) / Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI)

Markload DX
Safe Load Indicator

The Markload DX is our new state of the art Safe Load Indicator (SLI) / Load Moment Indicator (LMI) / Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI).

It reflects the latest developments in microprocessors to create a rugged and reliable system that is simple to setup and use. The system design offers a wide range of configuration options to meet requirements of virtually all cranes used in all types of environments.

There are no internal adjustments. All setup and calibration is entered through efficient easy to use front panel menus. The menus guide you through the process. This system uses Markload smart sensor technology.


Markload System-40

Safe Load Indicators

The System-40 offers single or dual load line monitoring.

The system incorporates simple front panel configuration and calibration with no internal adjustments.

All components are state-of-the-art and industrial rated meeting our high quality standards and operational specifications.

The central unit is teamed with our proven load line monitoring assemblies -- the shear dead end load link, running line three sheave tensiometer, or load sensing instrumented pin and is compatible with the Markload 'Smart Sensor' components.

Safe Load Indicators

Special configurations are available upon request. This system can be interfaced to virtually any type of sensor.

The System 40 is our new system for monitoring any of the following:
Single load monitor / Dual load monitor / Total load of all hooks / Load and Angle / Radius / Boom Angle / Boom Length / Boom tip height / Wire rope deployment / Hook travel / Wind speed / Alert or Alarm conditions etc.


System Details:

Easy Installation


Rugged, Resilient Construction


Large Easy to Read Display


Power and Accuracy


Optional Inputs