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Group News

SIVACON 8PT MCC Drawer Upgrade

SIVACON 8PT MCC Drawer Upgrade

Monitor Systems upgrades MCC drawers due to hardware obsolescence of existing units.

 April 2022
New Staff Appointments

New Staff & Appointments

Monitor Systems has started the new year with new staff and promotions for existing.

 Feb 2022
HPU Refurb & Upgrade

HPU Refurb & PLC Upgrade

Monitor Systems adds remote valve control with HPU refurb.

 Nov 2021
Choke Consoles

Two New Choke Consoles Designed & Built in-house

Monitor Systems supplies two new choke control consoles designed and built in house.

 August 2021

Concentrated Solar Power DAQ & Controls

Monitor Systems provides a new system for the monitoring and control of an experimental (CSP) Concentrated Solar Power tower.

 July 2021

Completed Brewery Installation

Monitor Systems installed a PLC based control system at an Aberdeenshire Brewery.

 May 2021
Drilling Instrumentation Upgrade

Mining Riser Tool Control System

The automated tooling, control system was provided for a deep-sea investigation program.

 Mar 2021

Reverse Osmosis Watermakers


C Treat reverse osmosis watermakers

Monitor Systems are proud to be the exclusive European distribution partner for C’Treat Watermakers. Monitor Systems can supply the most simple, reliable and economical low cost of ownership reverse osmosis watermakers... read more >


Rig Reactivation Services


Rig Reactivation Services

Monitor Systems has worked on over 300 rigs and platforms globally, maintaining, upgrading and testing systems and ... read more >