Helideck and Environmental Monitoring

Heli-Deck and Environmental Monitoring

In its role as a key supplier to the oil, gas and renewable energy sectors, Monitor Systems Engineering supplies, installs, commissions and provides ongoing support for a leading range of offshore environmental monitoring equipment.

Heli-Deck Monitoring Meteorological Systems

Monitor Systems Engineering is an experienced provider of offshore, meteorological, wave, current and oceanographic data measurement services. Wheather for heli-deck, weather / environment, operation area, CCTV, or subsea TV monitoring, its state of the art data collection and interpretation techniques enable clients to understand and utilise up to the minute real-time information to manage projects and activities in the most difficult and hostile conditions.

From single sensors to multi-parameter, multi-site networks, data acquisition and display systems integrate the best available measurement technology from meteorological and oceanographic instrument suppliers. The Monitor Systems Engineering PC based system provides clearly presented, accurate weather and ocean real-time and historic information on user-friendly displays improving the safety, efficiency and management of weather sensitive operations.

Heli-Deck Monitoring Meteorological

Helideck Monitoring Systems are particularly important for offshore environments improving the safety of helicopter operations. All Helideck Monitoring Systems supplied comply with all current rules and regulations worldwide, including CAA CAP437.

Environmental Monitoring Systems provide important meteorological and weather forecasting information. Parameters such as Wind, Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Sea Current, Wave Height, Pitch and Roll, Visibility and Cloud Height can be accurately measured and presented in a clear user friendly manner.


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