Group News: April 2014

Confidence and Growth

Monitor Systems gears up to bridge the gap

monitor systems engineering, 17 years in business

Over the last decade, Monitor Systems has been able to communicate and operate with more and more confidence because of its well proven and recognised industry experience, capability and endurance, … it’s been a real game changer for the company.

Building on its 17+ years experience, Monitor Systems is now focussing on its communications pitch in everything it does, it’s the difference between getting people to believe in you, or causing people to forget about you.

The quality and capability of our management and staff are vital to our vision of Confidence and Growth. Today, Monitor Systems don’t just have the right team; our vision for the future is now realised, sparking a movement of belief that our industry experience, engineering skills and endurance will advance us to the next level.

“The most critical element is getting all the right people on the team and having a cohesive culture,” commented Brian Sinclair (MD). “When you combine culture, talent and experience, it propels a company forward, no matter what.”

Monitor Systems has been engaged in Safety Critical Control & Monitoring Instrumentation Systems for Offshore Jack-up Rigs, Semi-submersibles, FPSOs and Platforms for the last 17+ years. The company’s ‘Confidence and Growth’ vision and strategy aims to take the company to a new level, bridging the gap between old and new rig support. “The knowledge and experience gained in undertaking systems repair/upgrade to old rigs for nearly two decades has furnished Monitor Systems with the capability and capacity to naturally evolve into the new rig build market’ ... commented Brian Sinclair (MD).

Recent industry data shows that the offshore rig market is currently experiencing the biggest boom in new build activity since the early eighties.

The order books of shipyards around the world are overflowing with drillships and jack-up rigs as the current evolutionary move away from the trend of building Semi-submersible rigs continues. More striking is the statistic that only half of the rigs on order or under construction have firm contracts in place. With its recent expansion, Monitor Systems is now in a position to support the new rig construction market.