Monitor Systems Engineering

HPU Skid Refurb & PLC Upgrade

Monitor Systems adds remote valve control with HPU refurb.

The HPU was modified to add an Explosion Proof enclosure housing a PLC to allow remote control and indication of valve position from the driller's cabin via a new remote control panel.

HPU Upgrade


The HPU was modified so that valves could also be controlled electrically from the driller’s cabin.

This was completed by utilising new pressure transmitter, solenoid valves and an Ex d enclosure within the HPU skid c/w quick disconnects for easy field installation.

The Ex d enclosure housed a new Siemens PLC that was programmed by Monitor Systems to translate line pressures into a valve position feedback and use safety interlocks for valve actuation, also incorporating alarming and several other functional additions.

The HPU and remote-control panel are both be suitable for zone 1 hazardous area operation.

HPU Upgrade

HPU Renovation

As part of the upgrade the skid received a full refurbishment.

This involved;

  • New accumulator bladders fitted and tested
  • Flush and clean to NAS 6
  • Reconfiguration of HPU Supply circuit
  • Liquid Pump Strip & Service
  • Skid seals Renovated and made weatherproof
  • Full System Test
  • Replace Filters
  • New Oil
  • Mark Wood - Commercial Director commented - “It's great to see our valued clients continue to put their faith in our expertise to upgrade and service their units to add longevity, functionality and safety."