Monitor Systems Engineering

Drilling Rig SPS - Multiple System Upgrades

Monitor Systems provides multiple new systems for a Jack-Up drilling rig.

Monitor Systems were approached to survey for multiple system upgrades on the Petrfor Axima (formerly Valaris 142) in preperation for reactivation of the rig. Following a stacking period, the rig undertook a Special Periodic Survey (SPS) and System Integration Testing (SIT).

Jack-Up Rig

Thanks to Monitor Systems strong history of SPS project support in the Oil & Gas Sector we were contracted to survey, design, build, test and install the following:

  • Ballast/ Preload Control System
  • Bulk Tank Monitoring System
  • CCTV System
  • Drilling DAQ
  • Engine Alarm System
  • Fire & Gas System
  • PAGA System
  • Tank Gauging System


Ballast/ Preload Control System

The existing Tank Gauging liquid level computers were retained as they were still fit for purpose, these being the TMS LC100 units Monitor Systems provide as standard for bubbler applications. New PLC racks were retrofitted inside the panels onsite. Along with the PLC a 22” Widescreen Siemens Unified Comfort Panel was used to replace the existing PC and Monitor.

Robert Cowan, Projects Manager, stated, "We are thrilled to have successfully delivered another preload control and tank gauging system, highlighting Monitor Systems' consistency in supplying high-quality control and monitoring automation solutions."


Bulk Tank Monitoring System

Concurrently with the above Preload Control & Tank Gauging System Monitor Systems provided a new Bulk Tank Monitoring System, the system worked as a standalone monitoring system with new sensors & HMI but also interfaced with the larger Preload Control System for easy level monitoring in multiple locations of the rig.


Automation Enclosure
CCTV System

Monitor Systems provided an all-new CCTV system as part of the reactivation:

  • New recording & storage server rack c/w fibre connection switch and local monitor & controls
  • Zone 1 PTZ cameras with washer tanks & wipers
  • Safe area PTZ cameras
  • Zone 2 client monitoring stations
  • Safe area client monitoring stations


Drilling DAQ

To enhance their drilling operations, Monitor Systems provided a new drilling DAQ system. The new system utilises the rigs existing instrumentation where possible and consisted of new: Processing Enclosure & PLC, Servers including WITS 0 handoff, Multiple client stations, a remote pit room HMI and new instrumentation where required.

Drilling DAQ

Alex Burgess, Project Engineer for the Drilling DAQ system, added, "This is the 5th drilling DAQ I have completed since joining Monitor Systems now, but the first implementing Siemens latest Win CC SCADA, where we have utilised Web UX clients as opposed to the more traditionally hardware heavy remote clients that older systems required. It's great that we are continuing to develop and enhance these already established systems to increase efficiency and integrate new technologies that become available."


Automation Enclosure
Engine Alarm System

The existing engine alarm system on-board the Axima was running on obsolete hardware. Monitor Systems provided a full system replacement to interface to the existing 5 caterpillar engines.

The replacement system comprised of multiple PLCs and HMIs which communicated over a new network infrastructure and utilised multidrop modbus communications for the engine interface.

Automation Enclosure


Fire & Gas System

Monitor Systems replaced an obsolete fire panel with a new modern Autronica AS4. The existing gas detection CPU and SCADA hardware and software were also upgraded to suit the new panel communication protocols and address obsolescence issues.


PAGA System

The existing PA/GA racks were upgraded to enhance reliability with comprehensive system features, such as:

Automation Enclosure
  • Simplified maintenance through comprehensive fault monitoring
  • Interface to and from other critical systems.
  • Fail Safe Operation
  • Integral dynamic monitoring system
  • PABX Interface with voice storage and replay
  • Remote Monitoring Software
  • A/B System architecture via duplication
  • 300w self-monitoring amplifiers

The upgrade consisted of new Eaton/ Hubbel E3 Amplifiers, interface assemblies, Redundant IP controllers, network hardware and updated drawings and documentation.


Installation & Commissioning

Monitor Systems’ in-house technicians and engineers commissioned the new systems, making sure that everything was operational and fully function tested. This ensures that the on-site integration is completed safely and to specification.

Mark Wood - Commercial Director added - "The successful implementation of the systems associated with the Axima SPS, in addition to our other systems supplied to multiple clients throughout the industry, showcases Monitor Systems Engineering's exceptional adaptability for handling large multi-faceted projects as well as standalone systems."