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VFD Reeler System

Monitor Systems provides advanced control and automation for VFD Reeler System.


Monitor Systems partnered with an Aberdeenshire-based Hydraulics Company to develop a cutting-edge PLC-based control system for an advanced Umbilical Reeler. The collaborative effort focuses on delivering unmatched precision and efficiency in umbilical hose management, driven by state-of-the-art Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and Variable Frequency Drive (VFDs).

VFD Reeler PLC Enclosure
System Hardware

The heart of the innovative Umbilical Reeler lies in the integration of advanced PLC technology, enabling seamless coordination and control of its various components. Monitor Systems' expertise in PLC programming and control system design has allowed for the creation of an adaptive solution with local and remote control.

The Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) play a pivotal role in the system, providing precise and variable speed control of the Main Drum motor. With a maximum speed of 2.24 rpm, equating to approximately 14m/min line speed at the drum core, and approximately 1443.6 rpm motor speed, the VFDs ensure smooth deployment and recovery of the umbilical hose, providing unparalleled flexibility during operation.

Safety with HMI & Wireless Operation

The integration of the HMI enhances the operator's ability to monitor and control the Umbilical Reeler with ease. The user-friendly interface provides real-time data on speed, tension, and alignment, allowing for quick and informed decision-making. Additionally, the HMI offers an override function for the Level Wind mechanism, enabling adjustments during operation to correct any misalignments in the umbilical hose. Moreover, the control system can be operated remotely through a radio control unit, providing operators with the convenience of managing the reeler from a distance.

Safety remains a top priority in the design of this advanced control system. The dynamic braking system, enabled by the VFDs, provides efficient and secure tension control, holding the umbilical at full tension during critical operations.

Effective Collaboration

The collaboration between Monitor Systems and the Aberdeenshire Hydraulics Company has resulted in a precise and effective control system that sets industry standards for umbilical hose management. The advanced PLC, HMI, and VFD technology, combined with the robust mechanical design, offer unmatched efficiency, safety, and flexibility in offshore operations.

As the oil and gas industry seeks to optimize performance and minimize operational risks, this state-of-the-art Umbilical Reeler control system opens up new possibilities for safer, faster, and more reliable umbilical operations.

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