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Preload System  

Jack-Up Marine Systems Delivery

New integrated solution for innovative P&A vessel.

Monitor Systems have recently delivered an integrated Preload Control, Tank Gauging & Watertight Door Monitoring System to a new state of the art decommissioning vessel.


As part of the system upgrade Montor Systems supplied the following:

Forward & Secondary Control Consoles

The primary console houses two 24" Siemens IPC's along with the main CPU, four off IO racks to interface with the various Valves, Pumps, Slave Indication Panels and Sensors. The secondary control console also houses IO racks and a single 24” Siemens IPC.


Slave Indication Panels

Multiple panels each housing two off IO racks to interface with the midship valves and fitted with LED indicators to visually display the midship valve positions.


Additional IO Racks

Four IO Racks each fitted at various locations throughout the vessel for connection to the rig alarm system.


Levelcom 100 liquid level computers

Used for gauging the Preload and Operational tanks thought the vessel.


LC100 LevelCOM

System description

This innovative system is based around a Siemens S7-1500 CPU with visualisation provided by multiple Unified Comfort HMI Panels. These panels feature capacitive multi-touch ensuring a user-friendly experience and have built in high-level cyber security. Additionally, all field enclosures are made of robust stainless steel, making them suitable for use in harsh and corrosive environments.

A brand-new control console was custom built to fit the available footprint on the vessel and to suit multiple user ergonomics while displaying the vital system data and controls from a robust solution.

Mark Wood, Commercial Director, stated, "We are delighted to have successfully delivered this integrated solution for an innovative decommissioning vessel, this recent delivery along with the further contract awards show our ability to adapt to our clients' unique requiremnets for specialised projects."

Virtual Commissioning

Monitor Systems utilised SIMIT virtual commissioning software to interrogate and test our software pre-deployment. While not a replacement for a full Factory Acceptance Test, SIMIT allowed us to reduce system delivery times where testing would previously have had to wait for the physical hardware to be available, we interrogated and tested our newly developed system software while our technicians were still building the control panels.

Robert Cowan - Projects Manager added - "SIMIT virtual commissioning software has been part and parcel of our larger system engineering process for several years and has given us key advantages, not just with quicker turnaround of systems but by allowing us to test modifications for previously shipped systems in a much more thorough manner."

LC100 LevelCOM

Installation & Commissioning

Monitor Systems’ in-house technicians and engineers shall undertake commissioning of the new control system in Rotterdam, making sure that everything is operational and fully function tested. This ensures that the on-site integration is completed safely and to specification.

Overall, this project showcases Monitor Systems’ ability to provide advanced control and automation solutions to the decommissioning industry. Monitor Systems’ use of innovative technology and expertise will play a crucial role in the operation of this innovative new vessel.