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rig reactivation services, 22 years
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22 years in Rig Marine & Drilling instrumentation system retrofit surveys, reactivations & upgrades.

Worked on over 300 rigs and platforms globally since 1997 ... equipped for the challenge!

Monitor Systems are well rehearsed with a long established proven track record in Rig Marine & Drilling instrumentation system retrofit surveys, reactivations upgrades with long serving experienced engineers, so you can be assured that your rig's equipment will be in safe hands and returned to its former, reliable operating condition. There are many important safety, monitoring, instrumentation systems and equipment on board a drilling rig. Monitor Systems survey, upgrade, reactivate, test and commission every system within its contracted work-scope to 100% reliability. rig reactivation system surveys

Generally, rig reactivation is required urgently by the operator. Monitor Systems has engineers and skilled management ready to be mobilised for rig systems surveys. The Monitor Systems Engineering team has been working on active, warm-stacked and cold-stacked semi-submersible rigs, jack-up-rigs and platforms since 1997, designing, manufacturing, testing and commissioning rig monitoring, control and instrumentation systems.

Monitor Systems Engineering has worked on over 300 rigs and platforms globally, maintaining, upgrading and testing systems and equipment. We completely understand rig reactivation processes and procedures, and with our engineering teams proven capability, we can undertake your rig reactivation with an informed mindset, ensuring quality, performance, reliability and systems longevity. rig reactivation systems, jack-up rig, Invergordon

Monitor Systems Engineering specialise in the survey, design, build and installation of electrical and electronic control and monitoring instrumentation systems to industry compliant standards. Our technical survey gives you a complete picture regarding the current condition and integrity of your rig's equipment.

By combining our years of experience, engineering capability and knowledge gained working globally since 1997, Monitor Systems are able to provides a unique total service solution to the oil & gas industry. The Monitor Systems Engineering team are committed to project excellence and is made up of some of the brightest project managers, operations managers and technical engineers in the industry.

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