Group News: August 2014

Emotions, speculation, optimism, something we all find a bit tasty ... Current Hot Potato

Monitor Systems Engineering

One Big Hot Potato for Scotland: There’s been a lot of debate surrounding the Scottish Independence referendum, and within this debate there has been a great deal of speculation on what will happen to Scotland if it chooses to become an independent country.

There has however been a great deal less discussion, or at least not as much openly disseminated to the public, on what should happen should the people of Scotland choose to stay within the United Kingdom.

The general assumption has been that a ‘no-vote’ in the referendum will be a vote for the ‘Status Quo’ and that nothing will change. But is that really true? ... one thing is for sure, we will be in do doubt come 18th September.

It’s worth reflecting, just for a moment, on the privilege this nation and this generation will have - nothing less than choosing the future course of our country - a historic day when the people of Scotland will decide Scotland’s future ... pretty serious stuff in my book, are the people of Scotland really up for ‘Independence and the challenges it WILL bring?


UK / Singapore / Norway

UK: Monitor Systems have had an active second quarter to the year with various surveys and engineering projects carried out and installed throughout the world, including Italy, Malta, Las Palmas, West Africa, Angola and Australia.

Our engineering staff capacity has increased over the quarter and we have also put in place a reserve engineering capability (safe-guard) to handle any increase in business from UK / Singapore / Norway. “Our reserve capability will strengthen our workforce and build further client confidence in our capacity to handle any increase in production” ... commented Allan Mc Gillivray (GM).

UK / Singapore / Norway

Monitor Systems is near complete in its footprint upgrade and facilities modernisation at its Aberdeen Headquarters. As a result, new protocols to project workflow management and QA have shown early rewards. August and September will see the completion of specialist workbays for client engineering projects, giving dedicated work space to every project.

“Our focus on ‘capacity and capability’ means that we are now in a position to increase our level of work and maintain our high level of service” ... commented Brian Sinclair (MD).

Singapore: The combination of having a good track record over the years and having a base and manager in Singapore, means that we are now in the driving seat to build on our activity and history. Enquiry stream levels have been very positive with many projects being discussed for 2014.

Norway: Monitor Systems is now represented ‘exclusively’ in Norway by JL Offshore AS. The agreement alone, increases our professional ‘head-count and service response’ in an area that demands the very best standards.