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anchor monitoring

ballast control and tank gauging

bilge monitoring & control

blow out preventer control panels: BOP

brace & void leak detection

bulk tank control and monitoring

fire damper monitoring systems

engine and machinery alarm monitoring

rpd rack phase differential monitoring

stacked rig marking and monitoring

vessel management systems: VMS

watertight door monitoring & control


anti-piracy, maritime security

crane safe load monitoring

drilling data acquisition

helideck & environmental monitoring

helideck lighting solutions

load measuring and monitoring

reverse osmosis watermakers

rig talk back system

tank gauging sensors

well control: HPHT


jack up rigs

semi-submersible rigs


FPSO & vessels

tank terminals


land rings

process control & bespoke engineering

rig systems survey

engineering solutions

technical support

research and development

project management

product supply

singapore shipyards

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Vessel Management Systems (VMS)

Ballast Control & Tank Gauging

Bilge Monitoring & Control

Rack Phase Differential Monitoring (RPD)

Bulk Tank Control & Monitoring

Blow Out Preventer Control (BOP)

Water Tight Door Monitoring & Control

Brace & Void Leak Detection

Anchor Windlas Monitoring

PDF Downloads

Machinery Alarm Monitoring

Fire Damper Monitoring Systems

Drilling Data Acqisition

Well Control (HPHT)

Reverse Osmosis Watermakers

Heli Deck & Environmental Monitoring

Crane & Bespoke Load Monitoring

Anti-Piracy & Maritime Security

Project Management

Source & Supply

Case Studies:
Jack-Up Rigs

Jack-Up Rigs (intro)

Energy Enhancer Jack-Up Rig

GSF Galaxy ll Jack-Up Rig

GSF Galaxy III Jack-Up Rig

GSF Constellation 1 Jack-Up Rig

GSF Magellan Jack-Up Rig

GSF Monarch Jack-Up Rig

Noble Hans Deul Jack-Up Rig



FPSO (intro)

Maersk Curley FPSO

North Sea Producer FPSO


Support Vessels

Support Vessels (intro)

Maridive 208: Support Vessel

Case Studies:
Semi-Submersible Rigs

Semi-Submersible Rigs (intro)

Sedco 711 Semi-Submersible Rig

Sedco 702 Semi-Submersible Rig

Amirante Semi-Submersible Rig

Awilco WilHunter Semi-Submersible Rig

Borgsten Dolphin Semi-Submersible Rig

Ensco 5004 Semi-Submersible Rig

GSF 135 Semi-Submersible Rig

Henry Goodrich Semi-Submersible Rig

Paragon Semi-Submersible Rig

Paul B. Loyd Semi-Submersible Rig

Polar Pioneer MSS1 Semi-Submersible Rig

Prospect Semi-Submersible Rig

Sedco 704 Semi-Submersible Rig

MG Hulme Semi-Submersible Rig

Sedco 714 Semi-Submersible Rig

Essar Wildcat Semi-Submersible Rig

Sedneth 701 Semi-Submersible Rig

Byford Dolphin Semi-Submersible Rig

John Shaw Semi-Subersible

Ocean Patriot Semi-Submersible

Case Studies:

Platforms (intro)

Dunbar Platform

Cormorant Alpha Platform

Forties Delta Platform

Marlin Drilling Platform

North Alwyn Platform

North Cormorant Platform

Tern Drilling Platform

Thistle Drilling Platform



Drillships (intro)

Deep Venture Deepwater Drillship

Energy Searcher Deepwater Drillship

Media Platforms & Links

Asia website

Mexico website

Dubai website

social media

linkedIN: monitor systems engineering

LI: Heli-Deck Monitoring

LI: Reverse Osmosis Watermakers

LI: Tank Gauging Sensors

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News: 2016

Intro / news April 2016

Operating a Sharp Pencil

Rigorous inspection

Added-value included as standard

Rig Systems Survey, ... operate safely

An economical supply of fresh water

Business networking as usual

Intro / news October 2016

BOP Control Panel Upgrade

Fire, Bilge Monitoring System

Quality Assured Oil and Marine Industry Equipment

Anchor Winch Monitoring System

Gas Trap Agitator Supply

News: 2017

Intro / news April 2017

Platform Control Room Remote Console

Open Drains Flushing Control Panel

Tank Farm Monitoring and Control System

Anchor Winch Emergency Release Monitoring and Control System

Fire and Flood Monitoring System for Cold Stacked Rig - Invergordon

Beatrice Offshore Wind Energy Farm BOP Scada Switch Panels and Fibre Case Assembly

Bespoke BOP Temperature Probe

ESD Control Panel

Mud Tank Level Monitoring

Air Combustion Panels

Ocean Patriot Tank Gauging System

MGS (Mud Gas Separator) Vent Valve Control System

News: 2018

intro / news 2018

Monitor Systems Scotland awarded Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status by HM Revenue & Customs


News: December 2015

Intro / news December 2015

BOP Panels System Upgrade

Bulk Tank Weighing System

Watertight Door Monitoring System

Total Gas & H2S Gas Detection System in Mud

(AIS) Automatic Identification System

Load Monitoring System

Monitor Systems, Adipec 2015, Middle East


News: August 2015

Intro / news August 2015

Anchor Winch Control System Design and Manufacture

Bulk Tank Control Panel Design and manufacture

(BOD) Ballast Overboard Discharge Valves (ABS) Approved

Marking and Monitoring System for Cold Stacked Rigs

Solar Powered Light Station for Galaxy III and Monarch

Atex Compliant Load Monitoring System

News: April 2015

Intro / news April 2015

Call of Duty: Byford Dolphin SPS

Crown Block Monitoring System

Drillship BOP Monitoring System

Mud Pump Control Console

ATEX Compliant Monitoring Systems

Long term supply for major manufacturing companies

News: December 2014

Intro / news December 2014

The largest jack-up rigs of the future

Jack-up rig systems survey

MSSL Product Developments

Transocean: John Shaw Semi-sub

Diamond Offshore: Ocean Patriot

Mobility to Commissioning

RPD System Commissioning


News: August 2014

Intro / news August 2014

Increased Capacity in Norway

No Pressure!

Singapore Track Record

Xatt il-Mollijiet Shipyard Malta

BOP Safety Critical System

Watermaker for Rosetti Marino S.p.A.

SUBC BOP Control Panel

Fire Damper Critical Safety System


News: April 2014

Intro / news April 2014

High ROI approach to marketing

A Close Team with a Clear Mission

A Combined Strength

Confidence and Growth

Singapore shows Potential

Focus on Safety Monitoring

Expertise in High Demand

Measuring and Monitoring

Brace & Void Leak Detection

Talisman Subsea Warning System

Anty-Piracy and Maritime Security

3D Isometric Display Software Graphics

HQ Footprint Expansion

Associate Member of the (IADC)

News: December 2013

Intro / news December 2013

New Director of Sales, Singapore (Asia)

Expansion into Asia

New General Manager (UK)

Ballast Control System Upgrade / Nigeria

Draft Radar Sensor / Sea Level Monitoring

Monitoring of Rack Phase Difference

Installation of Tank Gauging Sensors

Winch Monitoring System / Indonesia

Ballast Control Console and Tank Gauging

Reverse Osmosis Watermaker Supply


News: 2012 and Archives

Intro / Previous

Reverse Osmosis Watermaker

Anchor Winch Bulk Tank Monitoring System

Water/Weather Tight Door System

Watertight Doors on Jack-up rig

Success in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

MSSL 15th Anniversary

New Direction in Marketing for MSSL

6 Watermakers for TAQA / Wood Group


News: In The Community

MSSL In The Community

RIG 'UP' Magazine 2016-2015

Issue 9: October 2016

Issue 9: October 2016 (pdf)

Issue 8: April 2016

Issue 8: April 2016 (pdf)

Issue 7: December 2015

Issue 7: December 2015 (pdf)

Issue 6: August 2015

Issue 6: August 2015 (pdf)

Issue 5: April 2015

Issue 5: April 2015 (pdf)


RIG 'UP' Magazine 2014-2013

Issue 4: December 2014

Issue 4: December 2014 (pdf)

Issue 3: August 2014

Issue 3: August 2014 (pdf)

Issue 2: April 2013

Issue 2: April 2013 (pdf)

Issue 1: December 2013

Issue 1: December 2013 (pdf)

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